Incomprehensible, But at Least the Punctuation is Atrocious

A sample of the type of email often sent to the black conservative group Project 21:

Since the very beginning we the original people of the earth has been under biases attacks by whites as long as we live on this earth but people like you will help them lynch many more before to go to hell. I don’t agree what your reasons are but 30 pieces of silver is not enough for you is it.

[email protected]

Impossible to know what the topic is here, but it may be a complaint against Kimberley Wilson’s recent essay, Why People Defend Michael Jackson. A worrisome number of Jackson fans have been writing to complain about it. I’ll have to post a montage of their logic sometime, perhaps leading with the email from a self-described white woman from France who complained that Kimberley, who is black, is racist in believing that Michael Jackson’s legal woes are not caused by racism. Or the woman who says people admire Michael Jackson for “what he stands for.” Never mind that prosecutors allege that he stands for something very unsavory, and the fan cannot possibly know if the prosecutors are correct.

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