The Salt Lake Tribune: Ex-Staffer Scolds Hatch Over Stand on Leaked Memos

Nice article in the Salt Lake Tribune today on the Judiciary Committee controversy.

Note the end, where Senator Leahy’s press secretary says: “Senator Leahy made several attempts over the past five years to create a more secure computer system by separating the networks of the majority and minority staffs, but his efforts were repeatedly rebuffed or ignored by the Republican side of the aisle.”

The Democrats ran the Committee during much of that period. What the press secretary claims is only possible if they were too incompetent to run an office.

In any case, as Manny Miranda put it, “there is no privacy expectation to documents on a government server.” No one on the government payroll should be writing memos at work that they would be embarassed to have made public.

Let this be an object lesson to government employees everywhere.

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