White Men Are Americans, Too

Earlier in February, I really appreciated an item in the Everything I Know Is Wrong blog about an apparent double standard for scandals: a leftist can say or do things a rightist can’t. I meant to link to it but didn’t get to it.

Now that same essay has been updated to cover Rep. Corrine Brown’s comments in an official government meeting about all white men look alike (and how the Bush Adninistration’s position on Haiti is racist). I agree with Sean’s post. Brown should resign. She clearly cannot objectively represent those Americans who were not born with her favored hue.

However, as few Congressmen actually resign from their positions because of incompetence, especially those who ought to, she won’t. She probably thinks it is racist of her critics to want a color-blind government.

I do not understand, however, why Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega said he “deeply resent[s]” being “branded a white man.” Maybe I have seen the quote out of context. Maybe he resents being branded at all. But if he doesn’t like white men, either, he, too, should go.

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