Liberal Media Takedown: “Get Condi”

Atlanta-based but nationally-syndicated talk host Neal Boortz, a libertarian who speaks his mind forcefully and often with wit (as you might guess by reading his bio), has an insightful commentary on his website today on the news media’s recent treatment of Condolezza Rice.

It concludes:

“And by the way…can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot…. if Republicans were attacking a Democrat’s national security advisor (who happens to be a black woman?) The cries of racism would be deafening.”

Not for the first time, I agree with Neal.

Neal, by the way, has 4 million listeners. He’s been a talk show host since 1969. Meanwhile, Al Franken thinks he can change America by being a talk host for a year. And Al Franken, though a professional comedian, isn’t nearly as funny as Neal.

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