Andy Rooney – Our Soldiers in Iraq aren’t Heroes

Contrast what Andy Rooney says with what Joe Roche says.

Among other things, Andy Rooney says: “Most of the reporting from Iraq is about death and destruction. We don’t learn much about what our soldiers in Iraq are thinking or doing. There’s no Ernie Pyle to tell us, and, if there were, the military would make it difficult or impossible for him to let us know.”

I seriously wonder about old men who don’t know recent history. This war is the most covered war ever. There are plenty of “Ernie Pyles,” except probably none of them are named “Ernie Pyle.” Plus, I’d bet all my money that no combat soldier on D-Day e-mailed their thoughts home to be published on public websites. Even paper mail from soldiers then was carefully censored — as were Ernie Pyle’s reports. The e-mail isn’t.

Do you ever wonder where Andy Rooney gets these ideas?

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