Thanks to all the Kirbys

KVI Seattle talk show host Kirby Wilbur is one of many helping pass the word about the importance of care packages for our soldiers in Iraq who have had their deployments extended through summer 2004 (and other military personnel serving overseas as well).

I hope Kirby won’t mind me saying this, but he is one of the more influential talk show hosts most people outside of his listening area have never heard of. Just to name one thing: His work at KVI has a lot to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton’ health care plan was never inflicted upon America. We tend these days to take it for granted that that montrous plan was never approved, but defeating it was an uphill battle.

Conservative leader Morton Blackwell has a saying that goes something like this (I’m paraphrasing): “never trust someone unitl they’ve stayed with you in a cause they knew was losing.” I’ve mangled that, but Morton basically means is joining a winning team is easy. The true measure of a person is the work they do when they don’t expect any glory, but fight anyway.

There are a lot of good folks like Kirby out there, working hard and not getting as many kudos as they deserve. I don’t just mean talk show hosts, but volunteers, donors, bloggers, letters-to-editor writers, and many, many others who are putting their brain power and energies to work to make America a better place the best way they know how.

We should all stop a minute every now and then and think about how much we owe all of them.

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