How Wonderful!

Re: Keep the Faith: A Letter from Iraq by Army Spc. Joe Roche

How Wonderful!

Joe Roche!

What a wondeful way to reach the dopers with “no future” except rotting from D.U. in the desert! Are you a member of the same “Think Tank” that brought us Wolfawitz and Pearle, and “The Project For The New American Century”??? The same who brought us “The Uniform Military Service Act”, and “Smart Borders” to prevent defectors from “Voting with their feet”?

So, it’s all “Hail & Glory” over there in “New Texas”, eh?

Now repeat after me; “Hail George Bush Jr., you recycled bar slime, I who am about to die admit you are driven by people more viciuos and intelligent than you ever could be.”

Lottsa luck, Joe Think Tank.

Dyann & Glenn [email protected]

Fortunately, this letter is an aberration. The vast majority of the letters and e-mails we are receiving and forwarding to Joe are wonderfully supportive of our soldiers and Marines.


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