We Can’t Vote UN Officials Out… But We Can Kick Them Out

The Friends of Saddam blog has created an Excel file containing the names of all 270 recipients of vouchers from Saddam Hussein under the U.N.’s Oil for Food program.

One of the people on the list is said to be the financier of a film done by Scott Ritter, the former U.N. weapons inspector who underwent a must-remarked-upon change of heart about the former Iraqi regime.

There’s a lot more on the Friends of Saddam blog for anyone following details in what is fast becoming the #1 scandal of the past 50 years. Although most of it is appalling, some if it is unexpectedly funny, such as the stories about the British politician accused of being bribed by Saddam who claimed he’d never even seen a barrel of oil — so a leading British newspaper had one delivered to his house.

When considering the possibility that the U.N. might be corrupt (even on this scale), keep in mind that government corruption is the rule in much of the world. Bribery of government officials is common even in some First World countries, such as France.

Thanks to Captain’s Quarters for the pointer.

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