You’re Either With Us Or Against Us, and It’s Clear Where Jesse Stands

Project 21 is preparing a press release on Jesse Jackson’s exceedingly inflammatory comments about Iraq.

Jackson’s comments, which include a call for the sanctioning of the U.S. by the U.N. and a claim that U.S. actions in Iraq constitute “murder” and “a crime against humanity,” really have to be read to be believed. He even raises the thought that the U.N. should act against the U.S. “in a military way,” although he (correctly) doubts the U.N. has the power. (Or the gumption.)

Although Project 21’s press release isn’t finished yet, it is already receiving press attention, thanks to a column by Project 21’s Bob Parks. In the column, Parks seems to be a little peeved with Jackson.

Jackson’s comments were brought to our attention by the good folks at the National Legal and Policy Center. The NLPC is calling on Coca-Cola to stop giving Jesse Jackson money.

In my opinion, Jesse Jackson has crossed a line here. Every corporate executive that has ever even considered contributing to Jackson’s empire should take notice.

Coca-Cola should make a formal statement disavowing Jackson’s remarks. If the corporation is helping to pay for Jackson’s media operation, that’s the very least it should do.

If Jackson’s comments inspire you to want to do something to show support for the troops, consider sending a care packageto soldiers. And, maybe, toast them — with a Pepsi.

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