Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Thoughts from husband David:

It is not Donald Rumseld who should resign, but Nancy Pelosi. If it is a resignable offense to avoid making public statements that could prejudice an ongoing military investigation, then it must be an offense to send a message to our enemies that we’re not united behind our military leaders, that we’re losing our stomach for the battle, and that what our enemies are doing is working. All of which Nancy Pelosi and her comrades have done.

Rumsfeld is being held accountable for the actions of perhaps six individuals out of some several hundred thousand, while Nancy Pelosi can’t even monitor her miniscule staff to make sure her employees do not violate campaign finance laws.

There clearly are some politicians who are gleeful when things don’t go well in Iraq. They put their narrow political interests above the welfare of the troops on the field. They have blood on their hands.

Nancy Pelosi and all the rest who are playing this game should resign.

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