Right in the Middle of the Karbala Fighting

I received a quick e-mail from Joe Roche Sunday evening.

He could not write a long note, but he did give a clue as to his recent activities, saying “my battalion was right in the middle of the Karbala fighting.”

He also recommended “a link from the NYTimes that is really surprising because it is right on the nose!”

(I don’t know if he meant that as an editorial comment about the general quality of the New York Times’ reporting, or if he was simply showing his enthusiasm over this particular article).

He also recommended this ABC News Online report.

Joe also had time to add a paragraph about care packages before signing off:

We’re receiving more and more packages every day. We add them to our convoys to deployed units, so all the soldiers are getting things. I really hope somehow the thanks is sent out. I know some soldiers are trying to write to some of the people. It is really hard though. Mostly, the addresses get lost when we tear into the boxes and spread things out.

I think we can tell how much the boxes are appreciated simply from the phrase “tear into the boxes.”

Anyone who is thinking about sending a care package to these troops can get information about it here; there also are many other ways one can send support to our troops deployed abroad.

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