More Praise from Black America

The National Center-sponsored African-American leadership network Project 21 issued a press release on Wednesday relaying members’ sympathies to the friends and family of Ronald Reagan and praising his accomplishments. Not all of the quotes were received in time to be included in the release. Here is still more support and praise from black America to mark Reagan’s passing and his legacy:

Geoffrey Moore (Chicago, Illinois): “The nickname ‘The Great Communicator’ almost does President Reagan a disservice. It really doesn’t come close to approaching how effective he was as a world leader. With Reagan at the controls, America regained its spirit and confidence, the economy grew at record pace and communism fell.”

Deroy Murdock (New York, New York): “Every American should mourn the loss of Ronald Reagan and celebrate all he did for this country throughout his extraordinary life. The dramatic economic expansion his tax cuts and deregulation unleashed benefited Americans in general, but black Americans in particular. Rising employment and opportunities for entrepreneurship helped grow the black middle class during the Reagan years. And the fall of Communism made things safer for Americans of all backgrounds.”

Jerry Brooks (Spokane, Washington): “Ronald Reagan always highlighted the best of America and its people regardless of skin color. He spoke of hope and opportunity for all Americans.”

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