If He Says You Are Ugly, Too, Will You Give Him Even More Money?

Would you expect money from someone after you called them a “cracker,” or charged them with racism?

Me neither, but it is a fundraising technique that seems to work well for Jesse Jackson.

Project 21 has just issued a condemnation of NASCAR for renewing its support of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

Says Project 21’s Reginald Jones: “I think it’s a disgrace that NASCAR is once again aligning itself with Jesse Jackson. It’s a disgrace to the fans and a disgrace to the sport. As one of NASCAR’s most hardcore fans, I’ll personally be out there at the races letting NASCAR officials and fans alike know that the sport should not be falling prey to Jackson’s politically correct scams.”

Jones adds: “Until the NBA starts recruiting more Hispanics, the nation’s largest minority and an underrepresented segment of professional basketball players, I don’t think NASCAR should be looking to promote anyone but deserving drivers. If Jackson truly wants to integrate NASCAR, he needs to be out raising money for minority drivers instead of shaking down the front office.”

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