Just That Ole Plantation Thinking

Kweisi Mfume and his allies just can’t stand diversity. They believe blacks are allowed to have one point of view — theirs — and that any black who deviates must be under the control of white people.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Mfume said in his opening speech at the ongoing NAACP convention: “When the ultraconservative right-wing attacker has run out of attack strategy, he goes and gets someone that looks like you and me to continue the attacks… They can’t deal with the leaders we choose for ourselves, so they manufacture, promote and hire new ones.”

It is difficult to imagine a greater insult to black people than to assert — while claiming to be among black America’s chosen leaders, no less (when was that vote?) — that if conservative blacks even get near white people they lose their ability to think independently.

Some white people are liberal. Some white people are conservative. Some black people are liberal. Some black people are conservative. I suggest that Mr. Mfume should get used to this, because it will never change.

Thursday on C-Span’s Washington Journal Project 21’s Mychal Massie will rebut Mfume (9:30 AM Eastern) . Other Project 21 members have been addressing these and other insulting remarks from the NAACP leadership as well this week on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes, on the Michael Reagan Show, in the Washington Times and elsewhere, including on numerous blogs.

I hope to get a chance later to link to some of these blog discussions and news articles, and also to describe Project 21 (its history, how it works and where it gets its money) in a little more detail. The slanders being thrown by left-wing blacks against Project 21 are a compliment, in a way (Mfume & Co would not bother if they did not feel threatened), but a defense is warranted nonetheless. There are some great folks in Project 21.

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