Who Leaked the Berger Story? An Alternative Theory

Husband David has some thoughts to share on the Sandy Berger story:

Liberals would have us believe that the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger was leaked to the press for political purposes.

They could be right about that much. But the list of suspects isn’t limited to President Bush.

Who had both the motive and opportunity to leak to the press?

President Bush may have had the motive — a nice distraction in advance of the 9/11 Commission report and Democrat National Convention — but there is no evidence thus far that anyone in the White House or the President’s re-election campaign knew anything about the investigation until it went public on Monday.

If we’re looking for someone who had both the motive and opportunity for such a leak, I nominate Bill Clinton. He had both the motive and the opportunity.

Bruce Lindsey, President Clinton’s legal counsel, was among the first to be informed that sensitive documents had vanished following Sandy Berger’s visit to the National archives. There’s your opportunity.

And as for motive, let’s call this a two-fer.

First, the leak — if there was one — comes just days before the 9/11 Commission is expected to issue its report. Lest we forget, intelligence failures during Bill Clinton’s tenure will be included with those occurring during the Bush Administration.

Second, let’s face it, what’s bad for John Kerry is good for the Clintons. If John Kerry is elected President, Hillary Clinton’s next chance to run for President will be 2012.

Sure, Sandy Berger considers Bill Clinton a friend, but his freedom is a small price to pay for the ultimate good. It wouldn’t be the first time a Friend of Bill’s did time for the cause.

A message to all you “journalists” out there: If you’re going to continue reporting the liberals’ leak theory without supporting evidence, I want my theory reported, too.

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