N-Word a “Time Honored Tool”; White People: Stop Breathing ASAP

Mike King has some interesting posts on his blog.

The first is a followup on Project 21’s call for a single standard on the matter of what language is OK and what is not.

Universal Press Syndicate, which distributed Ted Rall’s cartoon calling Condoleeza Rice the “n-word,” responded to Project 21’s protest of the matter. Basically, Universal Press Syndicate says, it considers use of the “n-word” a “time-honored tool.”

Hmmm. Wonder how many of their editors are prone to using this “time-honored tool.”

Michael reprints the syndicate’s response to Project 21 in full and has some thoughts on it, as well as his own experiences discussing the issue on live radio call-in shows this week.

The second item is a little lighter. As in skin tone. Apparently, the Congressional Black Caucus has now formally charged that we whities are responsible for global warming. Specifically:

African-American households emit 20 percent less carbon dioxide than white households. Historically, this difference was even higher.

What? Do white people breathe more than black people? Note to self: Stop breathing. Pause. Oh, I think I see what the CBC is up to here…

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