USS Ronald Reagan – Welcome Home

Ed Haislmaier has information to share with fans of Ronald Reagan and the U.S. Navy:

In case you weren’t aware of it (as I wasn’t until I came across the stories below), the USS Ronald Reagan arrives at it’s new home port of San Diego today, and Nancy Reagan and Michael Reagan are participating in the welcoming ceremony. Indeed, Michael Reagan flew out to the ship yesterday to join the crew for the last leg of their journey.

It is inspiring to read about the pride the crew has in carrying on President Reagan’s legacy. Here’s one quote from today’s San Diego Tribune story “Ronald Reagan Would be Proud of Namesake.”

“It’s all about Ronald Reagan,” said Command Master Chief Petty Officer Kathleen Hansen, the aircraft carrier’s top enlisted sailor. “It’s hard to explain the pride in the ship these sailors have. It’s not the fact it’s a new ship; it’s because it’s the Ronald Reagan.”

The story also notes:

“One Reagan sailor has a more personal connection to the carrier’s namesake. Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Reagan, 28, is a distant relative.

New crew members stop him in the passageways when they see his name embroidered on his blue coveralls.

“‘Reagan on the Reagan’ is what they say,” he said. “A lot of people don’t believe when you say you’re family.”

There is also an AP story with similar comments.

In addition, I would encourage everyone to check out the ship’s web site. Among other things, I think those of us who worked during the 1980s to support President Reagan’s foreign and defense policies should be very gratified to know that the U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier not only bears his name but has “Peace Through Strength” as its official motto.

While at the site, make sure to read the moving story of the ship’s Captain flying back to present the flag to Mrs. Reagan at the conclusion of the grave side ceremony for the President — but only if you have a box of tissues at the ready.

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