A note from Ed Haislmaier:

In his e-mail post “Fahrenheit 9/11 and Its Impact on Military Morale, by a Soldier,” Joe Roche asks rhetorically:

I wonder how damaging and shocking a Moore project would have been in the 1940s making such a video of Franklin Roosevelt. All the corruption and decadence in that administration would have fed such a project well. Or how damaging and shocking would such a Moore project have been to Lincoln, who wavered and shifted often in finding the right mediums and balances in pursuing the great causes of the Civil War.

Evidently thinking along the same lines, Rod Thompson, writing in the Southwest Florida Herald Tribune, offers a column entitled, What if Michael Moore had made ‘documentaries’ during past wars? Thompson speculates on how ‘Mooreumetaries’ (a word I just coined) about the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II might have been reported in the papers of those times.

I’ll add this: The Thompson column is hilarious.

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