McCain and Swift Boat Vets: “I Had No Idea McCain’s Eyesight Was so Good”

David Ridenour shares this musing about John McCain’s eyesight:

John McCain described the commercial by Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth as “dishonest and dishonorable” as though he has some first-hand knowledge of the facts of the case.

At the time John Kerry claims he saved Jim Rathman’s life, John McCain wasin the “Hanoi Hilton” (1967-1973) close to 700 miles as the crow flies from the Mekong Delta.

I had no idea McCain’s eyesight was so good.

McCain is no more qualified to serve as a witness to the events at the Mekong Delta than I am to serve as a witness to a car accident from where I am (Washington, D.C.) in Peoria, Illinois (also roughly 700 miles as the crow flies).

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