US Basketball Team Stuns US Basketball Team

More musings from husband David:

What’s next? The United States Olympic beach volleyball team will lose in an upset to the District of Columbia’s beach volley ball team?

Over the weekend, the US basketball team was reportedly defeated by Puerto Rico’s basketball team.

Did I miss something?

The last time I looked, Puerto Ricans were full U.S. citizens. Were Puerto Ricans to move to any state in the United States, they could vote in federal elections like every other citizen. They’d also earn the “right” to pay federal taxes — which may explain why they often don’t.

The “chief of state” in Puerto Rico is George W. Bush. In Puerto Rico, the United States controls nationality and citizenship; currency; foreign relations; commerce; military service; mining and minerals; social security; the postal system; and the list goes on and on.

So what gives with the Olympics?

Shouldn’t the sports headlines have read: “US Basketball Team Stuns US Basketball Team”?

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