Bush’s Swift Boat Connections

BeldarBlog examines the New York Times chart that attempts to show connections between the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and George W. Bush.

The chart is amazing — an amazing example of wacky journalism. I actually read parts of it a couple of times because I could not believe my eyes.

For example, here’s a key connection between SBVT and George Bush, according to the chart: One of Swiftee John O’Neill’s law partners used to be married to a woman who was named to a state appeals court by George W. Bush when Bush was governor of Texas.

Yes, that’s one of a whopping six connections the New York Times has on the chart.

Maybe there’s a tighter connection in real life, but, if so, it’s not on the chart.

Beldar wonders why he didn’t make the Times list. I’m wondering, too. I once lived in an apartment building owned by a company partially owned by someone who gave $25,000 to the Swift Vets, and I worked for the Republican National Committee 25 years ago.

Coincidence? You decide.

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