Joe Roche on Mike Reagan Tonight

Joe Roche will be a guest on Mike Reagan’s national radio show this evening.

Joe’s various emails from the front in Iraq have been quoted, linked to and re-posted by over 200 blogs since April, which I think is wonderful (more than wonderful). If any of you would like to listen in, you can visit Mike Reagan’s website to find a station in your area or to listen in via Internet. Joe is to appear at either 6:30 PM Eastern or 7:30 PM Eastern. The website broadcasts the show live 6-9 PM Eastern and rebroadcasts the entire three-hour show at 9 PM Eastern and again at 1 AM Eastern.

This will be Joe’s first radio interview, save some interviews he did with his college radio station when he was an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Given the prominence of Mike’s show, Joe is starting at the top!

Joe’s had some major good news since we last posted major good news about Joe last week. I’ll post more about it after the radio broadcast tonight, so Joe has a chance to tell everyone about it first himself on the radio show, but here is a hint: Think Smithsonian Institution.

Addendum: Well, no “after the broadcast” for me. Because we had company for dinner I was unable to listen to the show during 6-9 PM nor during most of the 9-12 rebroadcast, so I relied on the Radio America website’s information that it rebroadcasts the show at 1 AM. It doesn’t. So I spent the rest of the night hooking up an XM radio home satellite system. Next time, I’ll have options. Or at least I hope I will. I got the XM hardware up great, but their website says it is too busy to process new activation requests just now. More customers than they can handle, I guess.

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