Blogger Jammies!

I definitely agree with Bear: It is time to develop this year’s hottest Christmas gift — Blogger jammies! (OK, maybe not hottest in all circles, but I bet they would sell well in Minnesota.)

Says Jonathan Klein of CBS on bloggers: “A guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas.”

Let make sure some of these jammies are pink nighties, so when people in jammies are running rings around his well-dressed ace reporters, Jonny will recall that not all bloggers are guys.

We had concluded that the one thing upon which CBS News remains absolutely reliable was its adherence to political correctness.

Guess we were wrong.

Addendum:: Reader Mark writes in to suggest that young female bloggers, particularly those too young to know what a Selectric is, might like to wear something modelled on this rather than nighties. Nice try, Mark!

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