Missionaries to Wal-Mart Territory

Ed Haislmaier sent this over:

Writing in the Charleston Daily Mail (“Missionaries to Wal-Mart territory: Liberals still think the message is fine; the audience, stupid“), columnist Chris Stirewalt demolishes the newly public expression of the ‘voters are too stupid to elect liberals’ theory. That theory — which to date has usually been only quietly and privately expressed among our friends on the left — is the natural corollary to the left’s longstanding, and often publicly asserted, belief that conservatives are stupid.

Money quotes:

Left-wing America has reached a conclusion about the half of the country that refuses to put them in charge: Regular people are too stupid and brainwashed to vote in their own self-interest.


Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter With Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America” has received accolades [from the left] for finally saying what so many had been thinking — that the only reason liberalism lost was that conservatives were better at duping the rubes.


Like the avant-garde composer who creates a symphony so advanced and innovative that it sounds like a raccoon being tossed down the stairs in a steel garbage can, liberals know the problem is with the audience, not their work.


If the new idea for the left is to be even more condescending to voters, I don’t suppose conservatives have too much to worry about.

Quick! Somebody syndicate Stirewalt before he gets away!

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