Michael Kinsley: We Hold This Dirt to Be Self-Evident

Michael Kinsley thinks the Bush campaign is so artful it could even turn signing the Declaration of independence into a political minus:

President Bush: “My opponent, you see, wrote — or he helped to write — this document, this so-called Declaration of Independence. And in it, see, he says something about how we hold these truths to be self-evident. Now, self-evident is just a fancy word — or actually it’s two words: Of course I know that! I can count! — it’s just a fancy way of saying you don’t have to say anything because folks already know it.

“In other words, he’s saying that you don’t have to tell the truth. Well, I just happen to disagree with that. I think the truth is one of the most important things in our great country. The truth is American. And it’s good. It’s good to tell the truth. But my opponent disagrees with that. He thinks you don’t need to tell the truth. And I happen to think that’s wrong. It’s a difference in philosophy, you see.”

Newspaper Headline: “Kerry Opposes Truth, Bush Charges; Opponent Responds, ‘Issue Is Complex’ “…

There’s more. Bush supporters won’t agree with Kinsley’s main point, but there is a lot of delicious satire in this op-ed.

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