Media Bias? What Bias?

NCPPR executive director David W. Almasi takes a look at his television schedule, and finds fodder for a conversation about equal time:

Sinclair Broadcasting took it on the chin for wanting to show a POW documentary considered by some to be overly critical of John Kerry. They claimed Sinclair was showing an overt bias and wanted to influence the election.

Perhaps these critics will now turn their scorn on cable’s Sundance Channel. To follow is their scheduled Bush-bashing line-up for election eve (11/1/04):

7:00 pm


directed by Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler

As the pundits said repeatedly on election night 2000, “It all comes down to Florida.” However, as documented in this film by Joan Sekler and Richard Ray Perez, incompetence and petty corruption were altering the final tally from the moment the Sunshine State’s polls opened. Citing a suspicious pattern of irregularities, injustices and purges of African-Americans from the voter records, the filmmakers present a provocative piece of advocacy journalism that — contrary to suggestions to “just get over it” — prompts outrage.

8:00 pm


directed by Robert Greenwald

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald, creator of the 2000 election expose Unprecedented, considers the Bush administration’s case for the Iraq War and finds among the alarmist rhetoric little supporting evidence to back it up. Revealing news clips and interviews with intelligence veterans — including Scott Ritter, Clare Short and Joseph Wilson — make the case that the Bush administration misled the world with dubious statements, empty innuendoes and unchallenged untruths. “A devastating analysis” – Senator Edward Kennedy.

9:00 pm


directed by Nonny de la Pena

Producer Robert Greenwald (UNCOVERED; OUTFOXED) and filmmaker Nonny de la Pena present a devastating account of the erosion of American liberties following the passage of the USA Patriot Act in 2001. First-hand testimony and commentary from noted public figures — ranging from Professor David Cole and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Anthony Romero to former congressman Robert Barr — recount unprecedented searches, abusive ethnic profiling and covert surveillance of political organizations, enacted under the guise of national security.

10:10 pm


When Karl Rove gives a public interview, he projects an affable personality and downplays any speculation about his powerful influence in the Bush White House. But as recounted in this documentary by Michael Paradies Shoob and Joseph Mealey, the Texan political operative is far from a supporting player. Tracing Rove’s rise to power, BUSH’S BRAIN alleges a shady history of campaign dirty tricks, including scurrilous smears against past Bush foes like Ann Richards and John McCain. “Darkly comical, seriously scary” – Variety.

11:30 pm


Humorist and best-selling author Al Franken and guests present a fearlessly irreverent commentary on the political events of the day in this daily program.

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