Washington Post Best Blog Contest

The Washington Post has announced the winners of its “2004 Best Blogs Readers’ Choice Award” contest.

While I congratulate National Review’s The Corner for its victory in category after category, I think the Post would do well to limit each blog to a single category or have a much more open nominations process (I believe the Post itself picked the nominees), which would, most likely, have the same effect. When one blog wins 50 percent of the ten categories (National Review’s The Corner), and another (Instapundit) receives two of the five remaining, it makes for an unnecessarily dull contest.

I’d add a few more categories, too. The Post contest focused on — mostly — electoral political blogs. There are other issues covered by many wonderful blogs — health care/medicine, law, and family life, just to name a few. And quite a lot of personal blogs, some of which are quite excellent.

Personally, I’m very interested in politics, but very many people — and bloggers — are not. I hope these (possibly more well-rounded) individuals can be included in the contest next time.

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