NLPC Asks Verizon to Stop Funding Jesse Jackson

The National Legal and Policy Center has submitted a shareholder resolution to Verizon Comunications requesting that the Verizon “Board of Directors to establish a policy precluding future financial support of Jesse Jackson, the Citizenship Education Fund, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and/or any other nonprofit organization founded, headed or primarily identified with Jesse Jackson.”

Among several reasons for the action given by the NLPC are, according to the shareholder resolution:

The Company’s relationship with Jesse Jackson creates controversy and impacts the Company’s corporate image, brands and reputation. The news media has critically examined the relationship and will continue to do so as long as the Company is publicly identified with Jackson.

In order to demonstrate a sincere commitment to diversity, rather than supporting Jesse Jackson, the Company should support individuals and organizations that promote genuine civil rights and economic empowerment.

The resolution has been proposed for consideration at Verizon’s 2005 annual meeting.

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