Animal Rights Activist Wants to Live Like a Pig

An animal rights activist in Australia says he wants to live like a pig:

An animal rights activist is seeking a piggery owner who will let him live in a pig stall in an attempt to bring attention to piggery conditions.

Ralph Hahnheuser, from Animal Liberation of South Australia, has challenged commercial piggeries to put him in a sow stall for three weeks…

Mr. Hahnheuser hoped living in a pen would draw attention to the plight of pigs but said it could have serious repercussions on his health and he could be hospitalised during the stunt.

“This is not something that should be done willy-nilly,” he said…

Mr Hahnheuser is currently facing contamination of goods charges after he allegedly fed ham to a shipment of sheep bound for halal-conscious Muslim markets.

Almost 2,000 sheep had to be slaughtered and a shipment of 73,000 animals to Kuwait was delayed for two weeks following the discovery of ham in a sheep feedlot at Portland, in Victoria’s south-west, last November.

Hahnheuser, the Melbourne Herald Sun article says, “was having difficulty finding a piggery that would agree to his challenge.”

That’s no surprise. Maybe he should consider building one of his own.

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