Photo of the Year Nominee

Ed Haislmaier writes to tell us about a photo he saw online:

While I don’t recall you ever posting pictures on your blog (as many other bloggers do), I was particularly struck by the composition and symbolism of this photo, which appears in today’s Washington Post.

Bush seems to echo the cheerful optimism and determination of his illustrious predecessors in yet another time of great trial and conflict, while the backdrop seems to unveil the ghostly presence of Roosevelt and Churchill beaming in approval at their successor.

I would say this is immediately a leading contender for any ‘best news photo of the year’ contest.


I agree. There is another thing I like about it, too. The photo is evocative of photos taken of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin together at Yalta. Yet, in this one, Stalin has been replaced by a leader whose legacy will be the opposite of Stalin’s. We are making progress.

If you haven’t, please click on the link. It is quite a photo. I’d post it here but I don’t want to violate copyright laws, and it would probably take a while to obtain formal permission to publish it.

Addendum: I purchased the permission to reprint the photo, nice and legal. Here it is:

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