SinclairAction: Intransigent, But Why?

While preparing for a talk radio interview about the Staples – Sinclair – Media Matters issue, husband David noticed that the liberal activist group SinclairAction still has this graphic up on its website:

This seems at odds with the facts.

I commented about this graphic on January 8. To my mind, it should not have been up then, either, but one always has to allow some time for website changes. Four more days have passed, though, so we must assume the group means to keep insisting that Staples is boycotting Sinclair. Given Staples’ insistence that this is not so, does SinclairAction’s action reflect access to information to which we are not privy, or wishful thinking on its part?

Meanwhile. I continue to receive e-mails from Sinclair supporters who are waiting to see Staples advertise once again on Sinclair news broadcasts, such as this one:

Thank you for the Staples update.

Personally, I do not know which Staples person’s version of this fiasco to believe. Until I am convinced that Staples is not acting politically against Sinclair Broadcasting, my purchase of a computer system from Staples will be held up and I’ll shop elsewhere, likely at Reliable, for office products. This is admittedly not going to harm Staples’ bottom line, as I’m a small business owner/operator. But I will sleep better knowing I am standing up for freedom of speech.

Thanks, again, for your efforts.

Harold M. Molter
Auburn, MI

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