Fisking the DNC Blog

What balderdash — the Democratic National Committee is claiming on its blog that a Bush Administration proposal to pay and promote federal employees based on their work performance rather than seniority amounts to “eliminating their right to negotiate the terms of their employment.”

Proof, perhaps, that the DNC is putting labor union interests over those of the taxpayers?

(As one of the latter, I vote for performance promotions.)

I also think the name of the DNC’s blog is needlessly offensive. (It’s dumb, too, referring as it does to kicking the symbol of the Democratic Party.)

I’m also not sure the prominent image of a “troll” (their term for non-Democrats who post comments on their blog) getting his head smashed by a large hammer is worthy of a major political party.

I’d like to think a group that seeks to run the government disapproves of fighting dissent with violence.

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