State of the Union Reaction

We’ve seen the Democratic Congressional leadership’s “prebuttal” to the President’s State of the Union Address.

Here’s the other side of the coin, from some conservative Republicans in the House:

“It takes a lot of courage for any politician to touch the so-called ‘third rail of politics.’ By laying out a vision for Social Security reform that guarantees benefits for current retirees and creates personal savings accounts for younger workers, President Bush has shown that he’s more concerned about preserving and improving the program than he is about partisan political fallout.”

– Rep. Jeff Flake, AZ-6

“As the leader of energy policy in Congress, I was encouraged by the president’s remarks regarding our need to decrease dependence on foreign sources of oil. I am determined to fight on Capitol Hill for a comprehensive energy policy that meets America’s energy needs while reducing our reliance on other nations for help, and look forward to the support of the White House.”

– Rep. Joe Barton, TX-6

“As President Bush made clear tonight, freedom is a priceless right. Whether it is in the form of joyous new voters in Afghanistan and Iraq or in the form of financial freedom here at home through responsible Social Security reform and tax reform, freedom must be promoted and defended. I share President Bush’s bedrock embrace of freedom and his desire to create an ‘ownership society.’ I look forward to working with President Bush on policies that will enhance liberty and make the American dream a reality for more people.”

– Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, FL-25

“George Bush is a leader who has proven he is not afraid to tackle tough issues head on. I look forward to working with the President to spread freedom and hope around the world, strengthen families here at home, and reform those programs that simply cannot meet the demands of tomorrow. In the end, these policies will make our nation safer and stronger and our future more secure.”

– Rep. Joe Pitts, PA-16

“I agree with the President that there is a real need for responsible reform of our broken social security system. I support creating personal accounts that allow younger workers to invest a portion of their contribution, while still protecting the benefits many seniors depend on.”

– Rep. Dan Burton, IN-5

“President Bush really made the case for bi-partisan support on a lot of these issues. The things he discussed – strengthening Social Security, making America safer, celebrating freedom – these aren’t Republican or Democratic issues, they’re American issues. We’ve got a lot on our plate this year, but I think the President’s optimism will be contagious and we’ll accomplish a lot, too.”

– Rep. Phil Gingrey, GA-11

“I share the gratitude of the President – and the American people – for the amazing job being done by the men and women of the United States military who are fighting for freedom around the world. The success of elections in Iraq and Afghanistan speaks to the courage of our men and women in uniform and the Iraqi and Afghan people – and is an encouraging step forward in the pursuit of freedom and democracy throughout the world.”

– Rep. John Kline, MN-2

“By speaking of his support for our troops and his determination to win the war on terrorism, President Bush continued to provide the resolute leadership that Americans need during a time of war. I’m proud and supportive of President Bush’s vision to keep our nation safer by advancing freedom in the world.”

– Rep. Joe Wilson, SC-2

“President Bush has set a bold second term domestic agenda and pledged to continue the effort to protect and advance freedom across the globe. Although this aggressive plan will likely encounter political resistance, it is important to recognize that the President’s leadership will foster greater security for future generations, both at home and abroad.”

– Rep. Tom Feeney, FL-24

“The health of every American is important to me both as a congressman and as a physician. President Bush’s State of the Union Address has set out a bold agenda. We are in a health care revolution poised to make incredible changes. Through my work on the Energy and Commerce Committee, I plan to make America’s health care the standard by which all others are judged.”

– Rep. Michael C. Burgess, TX-26

“From continuing to wage the war on terror, to creating new opportunities for every American, President Bush’s State of the Union Address serves as a blueprint for a new era of freedom, security and prosperity. I look forward to working with the President as we forge the policies that will move America forward.”

– Rep. Connie Mack, FL-14

“Although politically perilous issues, energy, tax reform and social security must be addressed; This President is obviously the right man for that job. We can’t confuse the seeming stoicism of the Democrats with their obvious politics of obstruction that are stifling this country from forward progression. The President’s bold agenda in every arena, including a comprehensive energy plan and urgent social security reform, will save future generations from having to spend trillions of dollars that could mean the vital difference between a bitter America and a better America.”

– Rep. George Radanovich, CA-19

“President Bush’s commitment to driving perpetrators of terror back into their foxholes continues to bear fruit. Just three days ago – amidst intimidation, threats, and actual violence – the people of Iraq spoke out against the past oppression of Saddam Hussein and his dynasty of tyrants and spoke loudly for democracy. I was privileged to witness first hand, during my visit to Iraq this weekend, the unfolding of democracy that has resulted from the President’s steadfast leadership and dedication to extending freedom and liberty.”

– Rep. Judge Ted Poe, TX-2

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