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Illarionov Criticizes Censorship Bias at Climatic Conference

LONDON, February 2 (RIA Novosti’s Alexander Smotrov) – Presidential economic aide Andrei Illarionov criticizes the policy of censorship practiced at the British Climate Change Conference.

The scientific conference of G8 experts is held in Exeter in the south of Britain on February 1 through 3.

“Its organizers have not accepted reports from many participants whose views are different from that of the organizers,'” Mr. Illarionov told RIA Novosti in the interview.

Asked by the RIA Novosti correspondent why his name is not in the list of speakers, Mr. Illarionov said: “Making a report here is impossible because organizers practice a policy of censorship against people having different points of view.”

Mr. Illarionov is against the Kyoto Protocol, which intends the cutting of greenhouse gas emissions.

He draws a parallel between the refusal of organizers of the British conference to allow a number of reports to be made to the similar situation prevailing on eve of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. “The situation is the same here as well as in Davos and in the organization called the IPCC (Interparliamentary Panel on Climate Change),” the presidential economic aide said.

Last week he refused to participate in the Davos forum because he was not allowed to speak up at the sessions on climate change…

-From the Russian News and Information Agency Novosti, February 2, 2005

Addendum: I suppose I should have pointed out that Andrei Illarionov is an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, not to President Bush, as not everyone will know.

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