Mailbag: No Rebuttal on AP’s Bias

Among the mail received regarding my criticism of the AP’s environmental reporting was this:

Who provides funding for your operation. It wouldn’t be from large corporations would it? Ones involved in the fossil fuel industry? Gee , I wonder if you are just paid hacks and spin doctors? No,no that would be unthinkable. You are just interested in correcting errors in the media reporting on global warming.Yes,yes that is it. I will always be thankful that we have such right thinking organizations protecting us from big lies and fabrications. You make us feel warm all over.Richard
[email protected]

Minus the typos, this is the sort of question we get pretty much everytime we discuss environmental issues on talk radio.Here’s how we answer: Yes, The National Center does receive support from the fossil fuel industry — equal to eight-tenths-of-one-percent of our total annual funding.

However, even if we got 100 percent of our funding from the fossil fuel industry, the AP’s reporting would still be biased.

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