What Does An Elephant-Headed God Want With Smashed Coconuts, Anyway?

I was filled with warm fuzzies when I read that Baby 81 is getting reunited with his Mommy and Daddy, until I read what Mommy plans to do to celebrate:

Jenita Jeyarajah said the first things she’ll do when she gets custody of the baby will be to fulfill vows to smash 100 coconuts at a temple of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesh, offer sweet rice to the warrior god, Murugan, and kill a rooster for the goddess Kali.

And yet, Mom believes in DNA tests.

An E-Mail in response…

There is nothing inconsistent about reverence for Ganesh and “believing” in DNA. You show an unfair and ill-considered bias.John Slorp

…I arrived at your blog pursuing the misquote of James Watt’s…stick to the facts as you did there and all will be well.

Addendum (2/20/05): Wizbang and Michelle Malkin are reporting that much of the “Baby 81” story is just plain made up.

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