Not a Fan

I guess this guy isn’t a fan…

Ms. Ridenour:

While searching for news articles on US – French relations I stumbled upon your website. I guess I should describe it as your repugnant and ill-informed website.

That you would bash the French so brutally shows you have no conception of who the French really are and how they think. But then, as I read on, I discovered you also believe that global warming is just a big myth. Ah, I get it!

Time machine, take me back to the 1950’s please! I suppose you still watch ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and think that George W. Bush is a great president, too! (And there’s an Al Qaeda member behind every corner! Fait attention!)

As an American living in France for the last several years, I have found the French to be a wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, honest, and realistic people. Which is a lot more than I can say about the millions of American sheep that are being lead to the slaughter unquestioningly. What an ignorant country America is; the average person couldn’t tell you where France is, but they can sure tell you exactly what the French are like and why they hate them!

You can disparage the French all you want, and they will just smirk, because they really don’t care. And quite frankly, I’d rather side with a people that know the horrors of war and try to avoid it, than with a country that promotes lies to create wars to make money and further a dubious agenda for world domination, aka The New World Order.

So, to use an a shared French and American phrase: Dans ton cul! Because that is where the inane and insipid propaganda you espouse belongs.


T.A. Cameron

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