Vote for Fred Singer

Physicist Dr. Fred Singer is actively campaigning for the Flat Earth Award.

I already voted for him on the merits — as worthy as the other nominees truly are. If you appreciate the work of scientists such as Fred Singer, who have been willing to endure the vilification of the environmental left as they continue sharing what they truly believe about global warming, take two seconds and vote for him on the right side of this page.

(I wrote about the award last month here. To read some of Fred’s thoughts on global warming and other issues, go here.)

Addendum 3/27: The college students who are sponsoring the Flat Earth Award think Tony Blair — yes, the British Labor Party’s Tony Blair — is “a respected conservative politician.” (Say the students: “…note the wondefully [sic] amusing recent comments from ‘supporters’ of Fred Singer on our website. I hope that these folks are letting Tony Blair, James Baker III, John McCain and Chuck Hagel know about this VAST GREENIE CONSPIRACY known as global warming. After all, as our entries show below, each of these respected conservative politicians agrees: the climate crisis is real, and we have the know-how to create a new clean energy future.”)

Calling Tony Blair a “conservative” tells us something about the students’ politics, or their level of knowledge. I’m guessing the latter.

Would it be cruel to suggest a C-Span debate between the students and even one of the climate change skeptics they mock on their website? Probably.

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