Catherine Crier: Filibuster Fight is About Creating a Theocracy

Catherine Crier seems to believe that the battle over the “nuclear option” is actually a fight over whether the U.S. becomes a theocracy:

The Senate filibuster fight between Republicans and Democrats is not over the majority’s attempt to put more conservative judges on the bench. Contrary to their mantra — that liberal ‘activist’ judges have taken over the courts — the nation has had a majority of Republican appointees on the federal bench and Supreme Court for generations. No, this is a fight over a very specific judicial ideology that the far right wing of the Republican Party wants ensconced in our courts…

The real fight is not over the lower courts in the federal system, but instead, the ultimate prize — the highest court in the land. There is no question that President Bush will have the opportunity to appoint several justices to that Court during his second term. He has made his ideological preferences clear. Conservative justices aren’t enough. He wants jurists of a particular persuasion. They must satisfy the requirements of fundamentalist Christians, with a willingness to roll back the clock to a time where children prayed to Jesus in public school, gays were back in the closet and women were forced into back alleys.

Those with different religious beliefs, (forget those with none at all), are dismissed entirely. Those who assert they are moral without believing in the Scriptures, verbatim, go straight to Hell.

If we want a Theocracy in this country, then ignore the assault on our nation’s judges. If you believe in the Republic that our Founding Fathers bequeathed, then prepare to battle for the one remaining branch of the government that has not yet been co-opted — the federal Judiciary.

I read her post four times in an effort to be sure she really means this. It seems too extreme to be her real view, so I urge my readers here to read the whole thing for yourself to judge for yourself if I am accurately describing her views in this piece.

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