Maryland Christian Preschool Opportunity — A Rare Blog Endorsement

I usually leave the personal stuff out of this blog because, well, it is not a personal kind of blog. But I am making an exception tonight to tout the preschool two of my three children attended over the past year for these reasons: Because it is fantastic and because, for some odd reason, they don’t have a waiting list right now for the 2005-2006 school year. (Last year at his time we were placed on a waiting list for the 2004-2005 program, and barely made it in.)

The program is the Kindergarten Readiness Program at the Annapolis Area Christian School. As the name implies, it is designed for children one year too young for kindergarten, and it specializes in getting them ready in every way. Also as the name implies, it is Christian, and it means it. Our pre-K kids memorized 24 verses each over the school year — and were happy to do it, in part because they earned stickers.

Our kids loved the Annapolis Area Christian School and David and I could not be happier with everything about their Kingergarten Readiness program, including the friends they made and the dedication and friendless of the teachers and the other parents. So, when I heard they had unexpected openings left for the next school year, I wanted to put in a plug in this blog.

If you live anywhere near Annapolis, MD (we drove a half-hour each way and never regretted it), and are looking for a good school for a four-year-old, and you are seeking a solid (and fun) educational program with a Christian foundation, I urge you to give the Annapolis Area Christian School a look.

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