Congressional Action: Avoiding Personal Agendas

Reverend Dr. Arnold B. Lovel of the Second Presbyterian Church in Knoxville offered a prayer at the start of the July 13 session of the House of Representatives:

Eternal Father, strong to save; throughout the centuries You have guided the hands, hearts, and lives of the founders, leaders, and citizens of this Nation. We invoke Your presence and power today for those upon whom the mantle of leadership has fallen. As the Members of Congress gather this day, give them courage, clarity of vision, and compassionate hearts, that in their frailty as human beings they might carry out the enormous task of service to which they have been called.May the decisions made in the deliberations of this day be governed by the common good, virtue, and the principles of participation, affirming the equality that all men and women have before You, O God. Give our representatives strength and honesty to avoid the politics of personal agendas, power, and partisanship, that they might serve the public good. And may all glory be given unto You, Almighty God. Amen.

Note: “Congressional Action” is a new blog feature. It highlights an an official activity undertaken by or in Congress, very often chosen at random, to provide an educational snapshot of our Congress at work.

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