Judicial Task Force Formed by Project 21

Project 21 has announced the formation of a Project 21 judicial task force to address issues of judicial nominations and questions of Constitutional law.

Principal members include:

Cheryl Harley LeBon, a former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee;
Brian Jones, a former general counsel to the Department of Education and a former Senate Judiciary Committee staff member;
Peter Kirsanow, a labor lawyer and sitting commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Other members include:

Anthony Anderson, a prison youth counselor;
Jerry Brooks, a former public affairs television show host;
Reverend Steven Craft, a reformed convict turned prison minister;
Marc Elcock, an attorney for the Iowa House of Representatives;
Lisa Fritsch, a freelance writer and speaker;
Day Gardener, director of Black Americans for Life;
Eddie Huff, an insurance agent and host of the “NewBlackThought” blog;
Michael King, host of the popular “Ramblings Journal” blog;
Charles Johnson, a criminal defense attorney and former professional football player;
Darryn “Dutch” Martin, a frequent contributor to Townhall.com;
Kevin Martin, an environmental contractor;
Mychal Massie, a columnist and talk show host;
Geoffrey Moore, a graduate student in business;
Council Nedd II, a health care consultant and ordained minister;
Donald Scoggins, founder of the Frederick Douglass Republican Leadership Forum;
Ak’Bar Shabazz, a business consultant;
Bishop Imagene Stewart, who runs a shelter for battered women and is a talk radio host.

In a press release announcing the formation of the task force, Peter Kirsanow commented upon President Bush’s selection of Judge John Roberts to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor:

Judge Roberts is a superb pick for the Supreme Court. His integrity, intellect and judgment are unassailable.

Lisa Fritsch seconded the praise:

In selecting Judge Roberts, President Bush has proven once again that polls and ad campaigns are not driving his decisions. This judge is a respected representative of sound and balanced jurisprudence.

Jerry Brooks expressed a hope that the confirmation process will be dignified:

We can only hope that the Senate will not turn this process into a political three-ring circus. President Bush should be able to have him nominees considered in the same timely manner enjoyed by his predecessors. This is a golden opportunity for senators to show decorum as well as common sense.

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