Congressional Action: Junko Cushman

On July 25, Senator John Kerry shared a resolution written for another legislative body regarding the death of San Diego community and Democratic Party activist Junko Cushman:

Mr. President, I wish to submit to the record the following resolution regarding the passing of Junko Cushman.Beloved by all her friends and neighbors, Junko always found time to serve her community. Whether working to bring arts and culture to her community, or improving the quality of healthcare, Junko always showed uncommon passion and determination in her efforts. She discovered very young that the key to a fulfilling life is a life of helping others. Junko’s community may be weaker for her loss, but is no doubt stronger for her service. It is my privilege to honor her on the Senate floor today.

The resolution follows:

Whereas, the passing, at 60, of a distinguished California resident, Junko Cushman, whose good deeds earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and the countless individuals whose lives she touched, brought immense sorrow and loss to people throughout the state; and

Whereas, although she never sought attention, Junko Cushman’s natural sense of style and hands-on commitment to charitable causes were impossible to overlook; and

Whereas, a Japanese-born San Diegan, she entertained with international flair, excelled at multicultural floral arrangements, and took a leadership role in the Union of Pan Asian Communities; and

Whereas, Mrs. Cushman served as chairwoman of events benefiting the San Diego Museum of Art and the Arthritis Foundation and had been on the boards of the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego Foundation, and Burnham Cancer Institute; and

Whereas, Mrs. Cushman dedicated her time and service to San Diego State University’s Japanese Cultural Fair in Balboa Park; and

Whereas, in 1987, Mrs. Cushman served as Chairwoman of a Union of Pan Asian Communities dinner dance on Harbor Island and, in 1989, she played a similar role for the Arthritis Foundation; and

Whereas, Over the years, Mrs. Cushman has shown her strong support for California’s political system through her affiliation with the Democratic Party; and

Whereas, in 1989, Mrs. Cushman and her husband, Larry, were honored for their community service at a Meals on Wheels dinner dance; and

Whereas, born in Nagano, Japan, and raised in Tokyo, Mrs. Cushman graduated from the prominent Tamagawa High School and, at age 19, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she studied English for two years before returning to Japan; and

Whereas, she leaves to mourn her passing and celebrate her legacy her husband; Larry; her brother, Hisato Hara; her stepdaughters, Diane Cushman and Janice Ziegler; her grandson, Zachary; her two granddaughters, Ashley and Sarah; her niece Mari; and her nephew Yasuto; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by Assembly Member Juan Vargas, That he expresses his deepest regret at the passing of Junko Cushman, and extends his heartfelt sympathy to her bereaved family and friends.

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