Congressional Action: First Christian Church of Weirton

On July 29, Senator Jay Rockefeller — who apparently (and quite properly) has not fallen for the notion that the U.S. Constitution mandates a “separation of church and state” — rose on the floor of the Senate to endorse the good works of the First Christian Church of Weirton, West Virginia:

Mr. President, it is with great honor that I rise today to publicly recognize the 175th anniversary of the First Christian Church in Weirton, WV. The church has ministered to the Ohio Valley since West Virginia was recognized as our country’s 35th state.The Christian Church, which is also known as the Disciples of Christ, is a Protestant denomination of approximately 800,000 members in the United States and Canada. It is one of the largest faith groups founded on American soil. The founders of the Christian Church were Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander Campbell. Both of these men and other distinguished leaders of the Disciples of Christ ministered at the First Christian Church in Weirton.

Members of the church have been faithful in serving their country. One of the church’s original members, in fact, received a Congressional Medal of Honor in 1898. Mr. Uriah Brown received the award for his heroism in the Civil War, especially at the siege of Vicksburg.

Weirton is very much a city that reflects the struggles of the steel industry in our Nation…

Since 1830, the First Christian Church has provided a place of hope, faith, shelter, and witness for the people of West Virginia. I join with them in celebrating its good works and wishing it all the best as it prepares for another century of service.

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