New York Times Claims Moral Superiority; Claims It Only Would Hurt Kids When Really Important

RightPundit shows that the Executive Editor of the New York Times, Bill Keller, has claimed the New York Times would not harm the Roberts children “gratuitous[ly].”

Yep, the Times hurts kids only when it really thinks it is important to hurt them. Never gratuitously. I’m sure the children won’t mind, then. Sheesh.

Keller also claims some moral superiority because, he says, he is an adopted parent. I bet anyone Keller wouldn’t have the guts to enter a room full of adoptive parents right now and explain how it is that the Times is perfectly willing to investigate their children anytime the parents get a noteworthy job offer. If he had the guts, he could see if the “I’m one of you” defense buys him anything more than a resounding “then you should know better!” before someone pops him one.

Let’s remember, too, why the Times wants Roberts investigated: Nearly everyone there fears he might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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