Is the Fifth Amendment a “New Entitlement”?

I’m watching C-SPAN right now, and that’s what some Members of Congress are saying.

Here is the backstory.

Addendum: Following the debate referenced above, the U.S. House voted earlier today in favor of the Threatened and Endangered Species Reform Act (TESRA) by 229-193, after first rejecting, 216-206, a proposal by Rep. George Miller (D-CA) and Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) that would have weakened property rights protections in TESRA.

Among the emails I’ve received on this today:

Re: Is the Fifth Amendment a “New Entitlement”?

From the backstory:

Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife are also decrying the notion of compensating small landowners when government takes their property.

The Sierra Club is advocating, effectively, the taking of someone’s home if one of their members walks past your property and espies a “yellow-spotted-three-legged-toad” on your lawn, even if same happens to be only hopping by, and as if that’s not already over the top, they wish to do so without compensation to the homeowner?

Between this craziness and “Kelo” there is no such thing as a “home” in the USA anymore, it’s merely a house and only a fool would buy one — rent it instead and let the landlord take the hit when the moonbats come knocking. Unfortunately, that’s where they really want to go ultimately, isn’t it? — all government owned housing and a daily ration of rice for the masses.

I was born too late, those that died in the early 60s and prior, are surely turning over in their graves.

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