Bill O’Reilly v. Charles Rangel

Here’s hoping Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor staff puts the video of O’Reilly’s interview of Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) tonight on one or both of O’Reilly’s’s two websites (here and here).

The interview, in my view, was one of those watershed moments in which the thinking of a person or political movement is peeled back like an onion to reveal the, well, onion inside.

O’Reilly was questioning Rangel about his September 22 comparison of President Bush to Bull Connor. O’Reilly asked Rangel the simple question about fighting poverty: What do you want President Bush to do? Rangel dodged it so O’Reilly asked again and Rangel dodged it repeatedly. As it goes on you see Rangel look increasingly cornered and O’Reilly increasingly incredulous that Rangel can’t handle what ought to be the world’s easiest softball question.

Charlie Rangel has been in Congress since 1971 – time enough to develop a point of view on the best way to fight poverty.

Conservatives have claimed for some time that the Congressional liberals have no policy agenda. This interview could be Exhibit One in their case.

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