Ed Gillespie, Conservatives & Miers: Setting the Record Straight

OK, retracted.

I just received a gracious phone call — especially considering what I have been writing — from Ed Gillespie. He made a compelling case that he was not referring to conservatives when he referred to some critics of the Harriet Miers nomination with the terms “sexism” and “elitism,” but to others who said things that, when he described them, did sound rather sexist and elitist.

Ed says he understands that conservative concern is based on “philosophy and not knowing what [Harriet Miers’s] is.” I believe him when he says he didn’t mean us with those words — frankly, it didn’t sound like something Ed Gillespie would think. Ed is, after all, definitely one of us. (Conservative, that is.)

I suppose my own rhetoric on this issue could be, well, a little calmer, when one gets down to it.

Thanks for the call, Ed. I appreciate it.

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