Manny Miranda on Harriet Miers Nomination: Was It For This, Mr. President?

“Was it for this, Mr. President? Was it for this that so many Americans made so many sacrifices, worked so hard, gave up family time, made life-changing decisions, took pains? Was it for this that so many prepared the way for so many years? Was it for this we gave you and 55 senators a mandate?

“…we are reminded that 40 other Supreme Court justices had never first served as a judge. True, and that includes most of the Warren Court that wrought so much harm to the Constitution. Surely, this is an argument intended to comfort the least thoughtful.

“We are reminded that John Marshall, the great chief justice, had never been a judge. If Miers had fought in the American Revolution, had associated with James Madison and George Washington, and been chosen by them to be the most impassioned and learned advocate for the new American Constitution’s ratification, had she served in the earliest House of Representatives, or as secretary of state for John Adams, I would think then that Miers was as qualified as Marshall…

“…I want a judge who will rule as we want, but not at the cost of the very thing that separates us from banana republics…”

Manny Miranda, writing in Human Events

I’ve been reading commentary about Harriet Miers since October 3, and Manny Miranda’s essay is the best one yet. I’ve been reading it aloud to people, which is something I don’t normally do. Every paragraph is a zinger, and I wish I could just repost the entire thing. But I don’t have to, because you can read it all here.

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