Nuts and Sluts: North County Reviewed by Power Line

Regarding the Anita Hill “nuts and sluts” reference John Hinderaker is wondering about on Power Line this evening as he previews the film North County: The reference presumably is to David Brock’s 1992 description of Anita Hill as “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty.”

For the uber-feminists, the Hill-Thomas clash was always about something larger — specifically, the confirmation of their self-identification as victims of nasty sexually-harassing men — than about Clarence Thomas. As such, David Brock’s 1993 magnum opus, “The Real Anita Hill,” is viewed by the left as a key part of the Hill-Thomas story, although Thomas was confirmed in 1991.

David Brock, of course, now runs the leftie web media-monitoring site Media Matters, and the feminists stopped talking about sexual harassment about the time Bill Clinton’s proclivities became known.

What’s interesting about North County is Hollywood’s willingness to explore the sexual harassment theme. Apparently, even as “Commander in Chief,” a TV show about a female President, is supposedly trying to help us envision Hillary Clinton as the nation’s chief executive, North County is taking a stand against sexual harassers and those who enable them.

Hollywood, apparently, is not getting its plot lines straight.

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